Microsoft 365 Software

Without connected data and people you don't have a technology strategy.

What Is The Software Service?

Are you looking to reduce the amount of paper in your business, remove manual tasks and be more consistent and compliant by automating your processes? Would you like to visualise your data in more meaningful ways or simply integrate your workforce into the flow of work with SharePoint or Teams-based applications.

Integrated data within a cohesive employee experience helps inform every decision you make. Our approach sets the stage for a solid foundation whilst being scalable and futureproofed too.

Appetite has got you covered.

✓ We architect and plan your SharePoint solution incorporating best practice and keyword approaches to ensure a user-friendly solution.  

✓ We help plan and implement content governance policies whilst still ensuring a balance between security and collaboration for both internal and external audiences. 

✓ We help you understand how information can be better stored, connected and surfaced in a way that supports collaboration. We can migrate your content from file shares, legacy SharePoint platforms or other third-party solutions to SharePoint online ensuring a future proofed solution that can grow as your business does. 

✓ We help you to implement SharePoint premium which enables discovery and collaboration on hundreds of file types and to prepare content for Copilot. This not only addresses oversharing and content sprawl but optimises critical business document processes like contracts, invoices, SOWs, and more with AI, security, and workflow.

✓ For more engaging dynamic content for company intranets we can support custom design templates to align more with company branding, themes, fonts etc.

Microsoft SharePoint

SharePoint is the world’s largest and most flexible cloud content management platform. It powers all of Microsoft 365 – OneDrive, Teams, Syntex, Viva, Loop, Stream and now Microsoft 365 Copilot.

But it’s more than that.

SharePoint is the foundation for an exceptional digital employee experience.

Having worked with SharePoint since its inception our experience supports organisations to maximise its capabilities from internets to document management and knowledge systems.

We help you prepare for the future of digital workspaces as a primary source for Copilot.

Microsoft Teams 

Microsoft Teams has fast become a tool to store and share business information both internally and externally, in addition to the communication options it provides. 

Applying controls and processes to govern the platform and supporting your users on how best to use it is something you should be prioritising.  

✓ Governance plays a big part in the success of your use of this platform we will help you to ensure your system is implemented using best practice configuration.

✓ We can provide upskilling to support a successful teams adoption ensuring everyone understands how to get the best out of Teams

✓ A management framework to control the lifecycle of your Teams with approval processes to protect against site sprawl.

✓ Project templates and connections to integrate into other systems.

✓ Eliminate IT being the bottleneck for adoption

✓ Rapid Prototyping to bring ideas and use cases to life quickly and cost-effectively using an agile process.

✓ Access to latest innovations including Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence services.

✓ Create reports and dashboards that provide data-driven actionable insights, driving informed decision-making. 

✓ Helping you to put in place a Centre of Excellence to define a strategy and roadmap ensuring everyone in a small or large organisation understands and embraces the strategy. 

✓ Transparent, consistent and leverages Dev Ops practices to ensure that releases are consistent, reliable and timely.

Microsoft Power Platform

Our Power Platform Development service helps you with strategy, to build a Centre of Excellence or set up a governance model using Low Code technology.

We help you to streamline & automate repetitive business processes; remove legacy systems by building modern business applications or implement virtual agents to increase productivity and accelerate and grow your business.

Microsoft VIVA

Connectivity and engagement are the lifeblood of a growing business. Microsoft VIVA is an employee experience platform which integrates communications, insights, knowledge, and learning, supporting employee wellbeing and presenting actionable recommendations. 

Our Accelerator programme helps you to build a workforce that is engaged, empowered and connected.

✓ Create actionable insights that ensure well-being, boost productivity and staff retention and optimise and measure performance and employee engagement. 

✓ Align your team’s performance by setting clear actionable goals which foster a culture of knowledge sharing, with everyone aligned towards organisational success.  

✓ Integrate Learning and development for professional development into workflows and a faster more streamlined information search.  

✓ Build Subject Matter Expert Communities regardless of location.

✓ Create communities around Staff Diversity and Inclusion.

✓ A readiness assessment and well-planned strategy to optimise your operations and delivery using CoPilot for Microsoft 365.

✓ Review of your security set-up, your data governance controls and implementation of robust security measures to secure your business .

✓ Information Architecture to support protecting content created by AI.

✓ CoPilot for Microsoft 365 Centre of Excellence.

✓ Empower your team with advanced CoPilot proficiency for end users and leadership with a change adoption implementation plan.

AI & Microsoft CoPilot

CoPilot can seamlessly integrate AI into your current Microsoft set-up.

However, without a well-planned strategy and key actions in place to scale safely your organisation may struggle to truly transform, and your dreams could quickly turn into a risky reputational nightmare. 

We absolutely love working with Appetite, a business who is small enough to care but big enough to get it done is priceless. We’ve built strong relationships with the team which means we never have to explain who we are or what we are trying to achieve. No triage where you need to explain to several people what the issues are and wait for a solution to be implemented. I would urge anyone who is looking for assistance with their Microsoft environment to speak to Appetite before considering any other alternatives.

Neil Shepherd, Online Electronics

Key Benefits

Increase Safety & Efficiency

Ensure Regulatory Compliance

Real Time Insights to Track, Analyse & Report

Workforce Skills & Training More Visible

Integration Within M365 & Third-Party Apps

Holistic Approach With Business Goal Alignment

Harness AI’s Power to Optimise Operations & Profitability

Free Up Your Schedule By Delegating To Us

Customer Story

How the NSTA Transformed Their Digital Workplace Using Microsoft 365 and Sharepoint.

“Appetite for Business are always there. They guide us towards better working practices and improve our efficiency.”

Senior Information and Document Manager


What licensing you have and additional cost. An overview of the licensing costs with an estimate for cloud costs will be discussed and provided as part of the design documentation during the discovery phase.

Anywhere from half a day to a full day dependant upon what is being covered.

This depends on the size of an organisation.

It’s great for organisations who are looking to improve knowlesge sharing, nurture innovation, improve staff retention, and improve the employee experience. To create connection between workforce and Subject Matter Experts and also improve connection between leadership teams and workforce.

A well-thought-out framework that allows you to deliver securely using Copilot for Microsoft 365 is needed. Turning it on without appropriate guidance is like leaving the front door to your house open and all your valuables laid out.

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