Digital Skills & Workforce Learning

Tailored Microsoft training and education for a single individual or a 10,000+ strong workforce.

What Is The Digital Skills & Workforce Learning Service?​​

We’re not new to the Microsoft 365 learning game. We’ve been around the block, worked with hundreds of organisations and created meticulously crafted learning strategies aligned to outcomes. 

We partner with our customers to enhance organisational performance by building better digital workplaces.

We can help you unlock the full impact of this modern way of working. Trust us, by the time we’ve empowered your people, you’ll be wondering why you didn’t work with us sooner.

Is This You?

Change Programme

You are struggling to create a narrative for your change programme and how to achieve a successful M365 technology implementation.

Tailored Training

You are tired of training that doesn’t fit with the way your business works and doesn’t integrate the toolset or the outcomes you want to achieve.

Remote Workers

You need tools and strategies to connect remote workers who may be feeling isolated, disconnected and non-productive.

Native Language Delivery 

You struggle to get consistent training to support a global team and which supports native language delivery.

Learning Strategy

Your learning strategy isn’t working, and you don’t know how to fix it.

Team Alignement 

Your teams aren’t aligned on how to use the software in M365 effectively.

How We Work With You

You will have expert Microsoft 365 learning consultants by your side.

You could do lots of e-learning or google it of course… But that approach won’t have the learning edge.

Our workshops act as a rapid accelerator and our expert team is lovely and incredibly knowledgeable and can help you assess what is the best fit for you.

They’re curated results-driven masterclasses in integrating M365 and implementing the systems skills and habits that lead to long-term sustainable growth.

Appetite is the natural partner to help us develop our Microsoft 365 skills. They offer a personalised service that is tailored to exactly what we need.

Simon Deans, HR Director, Meggitt

Key Benefits

Increased Collaboration and Communication

Build Better Learning Habits

Nurture a Digital Culture

Create a Culture for Ongoing Learning

Greater Customer Satisfaction

More Empowered Happy Employees

A Human Process

With many years of experience leading change and end-user adoption programs, as well as small training initiatives, we can help to educate, empower, and enable your teams, whatever the size.

Interactive Engaging Sessions

We don’t talk jargon or try to overwhelm you – we’re excited to upskill your people and fast track theirs and your success with Miicrosoft 365. We’re not in the business of sharing loads of stuff that’s not relevant

A Structured Approach

Our structured approach to workshops gives you and your teams everything you need to succeed whether it’s a focus on specific apps of interest, a customised course to deep dive into specific learning outcomes, we’ve got your back. Leaving your people feeling confident and empowered with the M365 skills needed in the workplace today.

Customised Workshops

Appetite enjoy a collaborative customer experience. Our customised workshops are designed to deliver bespoke learning outcomes catering to specific needs and business scenarios. We utilise practical insights and use cases supported by real-life examples to enable the benefit that Microsoft 365 can bring to daily work and specific roles.

Power Platform Citizen Developers

If you want to develop an in-house team into proficient Power Platform users, whether that’s citizen developers or professional IT development with ongoing support your team will be learning with industry experts with extensive experience in leveraging PowerApps, Power BI and Power Automate.

Expert Learning Maestros By Your Side

Not to toot our own horn, but we’ve been accredited by the Learning & Performance Institute since 2013. With an industry leader’s seal of approval – we know what works and how to help your people shine.

Courses We Offer

Power Platform

Microsoft Office

365 Apps





Citizen Developers

Customer Story

Improving Digital Confidence

“I’m blown away by our engagement with Appetite. From start to finish the entire process has been smooth, the training provided has been second to none and I can confidently speak on behalf of my colleagues when I say a very big thank you to all the awesome people at Appetite”

Craig Henderson
ICT & Service Delivery Manager


Appetite are a Microsoft Modern Work Partner and Adoption Specialists. Our adoption approach aligns with the Microsoft methodology, and what sets us apart from traditional providers is that we are a dedicated Microsoft 365 consultancy. So we provide strategy and development to our customers too which means we are always at the leading edge of how the systems should be used, integrated and where users can achieve best learning outcomes to realise your investment.

There are so many different applications and as an evolving tool set it can be difficult to know where to place your focus so it aligns with your business outcomes. Many organisations that attempt to undertake this process on their own or utilise providers with limited Microsoft 365 apps knowledge find their implementations unsuccessful. We can help you achieve some quick wins in addition to longer term solutions.

Absolutely. Our services are fully customisable, and we collaborate with you to understand your user needs and where the most appropriate training aligns to their daily workflow.

Yes we can. We have a small team of trusted associates who have worked alongside us for years and deliver in the Appetite way ensuring consistency across all learners.

Being accredited ensures alignment with industry standards and instructors who are quality checked and approved. This ensures that you receive best practice knowledge and skills necessary to achieve core learning outcomes, can nurture a centre of excellence and results in cost optimisation and maximises the return on investment (ROI) in Microsoft 365 and users who want to embrace the platform.

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