Appetite CEO, Joins Aberdeen Renewable Energy Group as Digital Innovation Chair

Appetite is delighted to announce that CEO Sheryl Newman, has been appointed as the Digital Innovation Chair at the launch of its innovative project, “Enhancing Offshore Wind Renewables through Digital Innovation” in partnership with Aberdeen City Council.

Aberdeen Renewable Energy Group (AREG) focuses on delivering tailored expert advice, leadership support, and networking opportunities to help digital technology SMEs transition seamlessly into the offshore wind sector.

Drawing upon the extensive network and expertise of Aberdeen Renewable Energy Group in renewable energy, this initiative represents progression towards realizing the full potential of offshore wind resources. By harnessing digital innovation, AREG aim to redefine industry standards, driving efficiency, reliability, and environmental management to new heights. The project’s comprehensive approach not only underscores AREG’s leadership in renewable energy but also underscores their commitment to fostering positive change within local communities and the wider renewables landscape.

Commenting on the invitation to join the network in this newly appointed role, Sheryl Newman responded,

“Having been a member and seeing the fantastic work the organisation has done to support SMES in the energy transition and renewable space I’m very proud to have been invited to join AREG. Having worked in the Digital Tech sector for almost three decades I’m excited to provide a leading voice in supporting business and industry in driving the Energy Transition”.

Shona Teal, Operations Manager for AREG commented,

“We chose Sheryl Newman as the chair of AREG’s Digital Innovation Network Group for her wealth of experience and knowledge in digital innovation, coupled with Appetite’s’ proven track record and extensive expertise with products like Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft 365, and Microsoft Teams. Her passion for digital innovation in renewables and dedication to fostering collaboration within the industry align perfectly with our goals to propel the sector forward. The AREG team is thrilled to welcome Sheryl aboard as we embark on our ‘Enhancing Offshore Wind Renewables Through Digital Innovation’ project.”

This digital innovation project further strengthens AREGs support to members and promotes the North-east of Scotland as a world-leading destination for the production and use of renewable energy.

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