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How AFB's Training Empowered Langstane Housing Association.



Langstane Housing Association.


Founded in 1977, Langstane Housing Association Ltd is a Registered Social Landlord managing over 2,879 properties. They are committed to offering high-quality, affordable accommodation, with a special focus on social inclusion and sustainable communities. Catering mainly to single individuals in need, Langstane continually updates its housing solutions to meet the diverse needs of its clients.


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Key Goals

Improved Digital Confidence

Customised Training Programme

Dedicated Ongoing Support

I’m blown away by our engagement with Appetite. From start to finish the entire process has been smooth, the training provided has been second to none and I can confidently speak on behalf of my colleagues when I say a very big thank you to all the awesome people at Appetite, you’re a fantastic bunch of people who make training a fun and very engaging experience and we look forward to working with you in the future.
Craig Henderson ICT & Service Delivery Manager


Langstane Housing Association faced significant operational inefficiencies, lacking the requisite digital skills to effectively utilise Microsoft 365.

This hindered their capacity to collaborate and communicate both internally and externally.

As they were transitioning from Office 2021 to M365, they were looking for a partner to upskill their team of 80 and refine best practices whilst creating a consistent approach from employees on how they collaborate.

  • Insufficient understanding of Microsoft 365 tools.
  • Low employee productivity due to manual processes.
  • Difficulty in real-time collaboration among teams.
  • Elevated operational costs due to inefficient digital


Appetite intervened with an 8-week comprehensive training program on Microsoft 365 applications.

The tailor-made program aimed to empower LHA employees to become proficient in the plat- form, thereby improving operational efficiencies. Appetite’s approach ensures that training is delivered with maximum effect and minimal disruption to business activities with ongoing support.

Critical to the program’s success, Appetite focused on the “why” behind the change, ensuring employees understood the benefits and reasons for adapting new technologies. The training incorporated familiar business processes to engage teams, streamline the learning curve, and minimise complexity. Additionally, Appetite’s strategy centred on the existing productivity tools in use at LHA, making for a seamless integration into their day-to-day roles, thus maximising the full educational and operational benefits.

  • Comprehensive 8-week Microsoft 365 training programme.
  • A mixture of theory and hands-on sessions for practical learning.
  • Dedicated support for resolving application-specific issues.
  • Customised training modules to suit LHA’s unique operational needs.
  • Continued learning in the form of monthly sessions to cover the latest features.
  • Q&A forum allowing delegates valuable ongoing support as they transition to M365.


Post-training, LHA has elevated its Microsoft 365 skills dramatically. This newfound proficiency has led to a streamlined workflow, reduced operational costs, and enhanced team collaboration.

  • Improved employee confidence using Microsoft 365.
  • A notable improvement in inter-departmental communication
  • Reduction in operational costs due to digital efficiency.
  • Enhanced data security and compliance measures.

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